2023/05/19 10:05

I loved sewing and making things with my hands since I was little.

When I was in junior high, my parents gave me a sewing machine as a gift. Since, then, I enjoyed so much sewing small things and clothing, etc.

When I was a high school student, I was longing for the time when I can fly to the world outside my small town - even outside Japan. Then, the time came, and I moved to the US to study as soon as finishing high school.

After spending some time in the US, I was able to see good things about my own country and culture, which I could not see before I left Japan.  Then, I decided to come back after 4 years of stay in the US.  

I was more interested in the traditional Japanese culture than before. Especially the vintage Kimono drew me into the world of textiles from old times. Their designs are strikingly beautiful and unique, 
yet the colors were often rather subtle representing the colors of nature. They were full of inspirations to me.

I started collecting them and making handbags with them. It was only a hobby at that time, but I enjoyed it so much.
It was over 20 years ago. I fell in love with the art of traditional Kimono.  

After working in offices doing translation work for 7-8 years, while continuing my hobby, I decided to go on a journey to be my authentic self, who was passionate about being creative and surrounded by beautiful textiles and crafts.

I traveled to South-East Asia and Europe and was fascinated by the crafts and craftsmanship unique to each country. Among the places I visited, I chose to go back to London to learn about designing, creating, and marketing handbags and accessories. 

Returning from London, I realized that Japanese traditional handcrafted methods for handbags were very unique and sophisticated. Soon, I found a master teacher in Asakusa Tokyo who taught me many important techniques about making handbags.

In the process of making handbags using special textiles, I was delving into the art of Jacquard textiles more and more. With the passion to weave my own fabric, I learned and worked for a while under the master weaver in Kyoto, and then, went to school in Florence to learn Jacquard weaving.

Finally, I am settled here in Tokyo with all the inspirations from what I have seen and found during my pilgrimage to places in Japan and the world and creating handbags and small accessories.

In the hope to support the artisanship of traditional crafts in/outside Japan to be continued and handed down to new generations, I am incorporating such beautiful pieces of crafts into my creations of handbags and accessories, in a style that matches the modern lifestyle.

I hope that my RINNE creations will transcend age and be treasured for a lifetime.