FUKUROMONO – Traditional small bags and pouches of old Japan

It is a microcosm reflecting the Japanese aesthetic and adoration
for the beauty of nature - flowers, animals, water, seasons,
and all things visible and invisible in everyday life.
These essences are woven into Fukuromono with an exquisite artisanship.

Inspired by the artistry of Fukuromono, Yoko Murata started `RINNE`
where she creates bags and purses, embracing the spirit of authentic Fukuromono.
Her life experiences of traveling the world, learning bag-making methods
in Tokyo and London, and textile weaving in Kyoto and Florence
add a unique aesthetic sense to the traditional Fukuromono.

RINNE creations are made using special pieces of materials sourced from around the world.
Some are vintage or sleeping stock of historical textiles preserved at weavers,
and others are textiles and parts finely crafted by new generations of artisans.

Each creation is handmade with its unique story,
carrying the essence of nature's beauty and artisan's soul.